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Defining the Macromolecules of Tomorrow through Synergistic Sustainable Polymer Research

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Haque, F.M.; Ishibashi, J.S.A.; Lidston, C.A.L.; Shao, H.; Bates, F.S.; Chang, A.B.; Coates, G.W.; Cramer, C.J.; Dauenhauer, P.J.; Dichtel, W.R.; Ellison, C.J.; Gormong, E.A.; Hamachi, L.S.; Hoye, T.R.; Jin, M.; Kalow, J.A.; Kim, H.J.; Kumar, G.; LaSalle, C.J.; Liffland, S.; Lipinski, B.M.; Pang, Y.; Parveen, R.; Peng, X.; Popowski, Y.; Prebihalo, E.A.; Reddi, Y.; Reineke, T.M.; Sheppard, D.T.; Swartz, J.L.; Tolman, W.B.; Vlaisavljevich, B.; Wissinger, J.; Xu, S.; Hillmyer, M.A. Chem. Rev. 2022122, 6322–6373. 

Reactions of Diaziridines with Benzynes Give N‑Arylhydrazones

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Arora, S.; Palani, V.; Hoye, T. R. Org. Lett. 201820, 8082–8085.

This manuscript is dedicated in memory of Professor Harold W. Heine, formerly of Bucknell University, and in recognition of his considerable scientific and mentoring legacy, which has so positively impacted so many (including the outgoing Editor-in-Chief of Organic Letters).

Mechanism of the intramolecular hexadehydro-Diels–Alder reaction

joc woods 2015
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Marell, D. J.; Furan, L. R.; Woods, B. P.; Lei, X.; Bendelsmith, A. J.; Cramer, C. J.; Hoye, T. R.; Kuwata, K. T. J. Org. Chem. 201580, 11744–11754.

Invited contribution to special issue: 50 Years and Counting: The Woodward-Hoffmann Rules in the 21st Century

Ultra-high-throughput screening of natural product extracts to identify proapoptotic inhibitors of Bcl-2 family proteins

2014 hassig j biomol screen
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Hassig, C.A.; Zeng, F.Y.; Kung, P.; Kiankarimi, M.; Kim, S.; Diaz, P.W.; Zhai, D.; Welsh, K.; Morshedian, S.; Su, Y.; O’Keefe, B.; Newman, D.J.; Rusman, Y.; Kaur, H.; Salomon, C.E.; Brown, S.G.; Baire, B.; Michel, A. R.; Hoye, T. R.; Francis, S.; Georg, G.I.; Walters, M.A.; Divlianska, D.B.; Roth, G.P.; Wright, A.E.; Reed, J.C. ‎J. Biomol. Screen. 201419, 1201–1211.

A concise total synthesis of (±)- and (–)-okilactomycin D

2012 ol niu
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Niu, D.; Hoye, T. R. Org. Lett. 2012, 14, 828–831.

Highlighted in the following editorial: Terpenoid- and shikimate-derived natural product total synthesis: A personal analysis and commentary on the importance of the papers that appear in this virtual issue. Hale, K. J. Org. Lett. 201315, 3181–3198.

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